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Quick Fix for a Broken Pearl Snap Button
Published By Brinna Blaine on 2012-05-26 6311 Views

You may not have to replace that broken pearl snap button. Here's a do it yourself technique that allows you to repair a broken pearl snap with nothing more than a household screwdriver.



Quick Fix For a Broken Pearl Snap Button

One of my favorite shirts is a pretty blue plaid with front pockets and pearl snap buttons. It is comfortable and versatile, and it pairs well with a number of different styles. However, a few days ago, I noticed that one of the pearl snaps wouldn’t snap. A search on the internet told me I had two choices. I could toss the shirt into the closet and wear something else or I could hit the craft store for a new package of pearl snaps and the fastener used to attach them. Being the resourceful type that I am, I couldn’t bring myself to be content with the answer. So, I took a good look at the pearl snap to see if there was something else I could do.

After looking the snap over and determining what was causing it not to work, I devised a very simple do it yourself technique for repairing the bottom snap. All you need is a single Phillips head screwdriver (that’s the one that looks like a plus sign for those of you who aren’t quite screwdriver savvy).

Honestly, I’m surprised that this technique isn’t the go-to advice given to people with pearl snap button problems. It’s super easy and it takes only seconds. If you have a broken pearl snap button, try this technique before the traditional rip and stitch technique that is so commonly offered.

My Do It Yourself Pearl Snap Button Repair Technique

Here’s what you do.

1. Find a Phillips head screwdriver

2. Press the point of the screwdriver in the space gently between the outer and inner rings.

3. Now, gently press each section of the inner ring toward the snap's center as though you were trying to make the circle made by the inner ring smaller. Don’t press too hard or you’ll make the inner ring smaller than it needs to be. Press just hard enough to feel a little resistance from the metal of the snap. Continue around the ring pressing inward gently. You shouldn’t see any real difference.

If you do, you’re probably pressing too hard. Most snap repairs take very little actual force, since the damage is surprisingly slight.

4. After circling the ring with the screwdriver point once, try snapping the button again. With any luck, it should snap together perfectly. In my case, the broken snap became the strongest snap on the shirt and I no longer had to consider buying a set of snaps and a snap fastener.

So that’s it, how to repair a pearl snap button when the bottom won’t snap. I hope you find this article helpful. It’s a good tip to remember if you ever need a quick fix for a broken pearl snap button.

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